Fish Hoek 100 and Beyond (a non profit organisation) was established by a group of volunteers  from business and community members in Fish Hoek.  

We are committed to ensuring that the centenary is celebrated, creating an inclusive legacy and supporting real development of the community. We are excited about the opportunities offered by the Fish Hoek Centenary to build into the future.

Adi from Taylormade SA Consulting & Project Management will be missed as she heads to the UK. We want to thank her for her massive motivation and input she gave in helping launch this initiative and wish her well in her future.

From left to right:

Cris Riego de Dios, Lance Thompson, Richard Valentine, Ian Egan-Fowler, Sergio Capellino

Marge Upfold, Bev Frieslich, Leigh-Anne Mobsby, Sue Kinnell, Shirley Botes

Photo Credit: Rossco Dingwall


We are arranging and facilitating a variety of events throughout the centenary year. These include the following:

  • Signature events organised by the committee and all proceeds go towards the FH100&Beyond Fund
  • Supported events organised by third parties with a portion of the proceeds going towards the FH100&Beyond Fund
  • Attended events supported and promoted by FH100&Beyond where none of the proceeds  go towards the FH100&Beyond Fund

To see our events, click here: EVENTS


Our Projects are focused around:

  • Beautification of the Fish Hoek Train Station area
  • Greening of Fish Hoek
  • Revamping the Fish Hoek Main Road
  • Boosting security in Fish Hoek using technology
  • Research options in setting up a new homeless shelter

None of the above will be possible without volunteers and funding, so we are appealing to you to assist us in moving forward with these ambitious plans to make Fish Hoek a safer, secure and number 1 tourist destination. 

To see our projects, click here: PROJECTS

Key Supporters of Fish Hoek 100 and Beyond

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