Fish Hoek Valley Museum

Thank you to the Fish Hoek Valley Museum for giving us a glimpse of the records they have so diligently collated for the public to view in both photos which are displayed on this site as well as the history they have preserved over time.

This private museum has displays on Peers Cave, local Fish Hoek history and the local environment. Fish Hoek is home to an early Stone Age site where the remains of Fish Hoek man’ were found & the interpretive displays are of historical significance. There is also information on whales and dolphins & the whaling industry

Fish Hoek is home to an early Stone Age site where the remains of Fish Hoek man’ were found. His skull had the largest brain area of any skull of its age found up until that time, and has been dated at 12 000 years old.
The site, today known as Peers’ Cave, was discovered and excavated by amateur archaeologist Victor Peers in 1927. Peers and his son, Bertie, residents of Fish Hoek, excavated Peers’ Cave over a number of years, discovering and documenting Khoisan rock art, stone tools, and an ancient burial site. In January 1941 Peers Cave was declared a National Monument. 

The idea of having a museum in,  Fish Hoek had been talked about for many years before it became reality.   The Fish Hoek Town Council gave the Historical Association the use of a municipal house in 1993 and the museum opened in February 1994 with a display of historical photographs.  Items that were of historical interest had been stored at the Fish Hoek Library in anticipation of a museum so it took some time to sort through the boxes and establish the museum as it stands today with 3 rooms. The Fish Hoek Valley Historical Association plays the role of Friends of the museum. 

There is also a collection of local archives and the museum endeaovours to answer many local research queries from all over the world. There are over a thousand photographs of the area from Lakeside to Kommetjie and an almost complete collection of Fish Hoek Echoes, which tell the social history of Fish Hoek. 

There are three rooms containing displays. 
The Peers Cave room has photographs from the Peers excavation in the 1920s and stone tools found in the Fish Hoek Valley.  The museum houses interpretative displays of the excavations that led to the discovery of the ‘Fish Hoek man’, as well as a display of prehistoric items from the area. As well as documenting this important era in the Cape’s history, the museum arranges guided walks of the Fish Hoek area, specifically to Peers’ Cave. Its historical interest aside, Peers’ Cave, offers visitors panoramic views across the valley and the peninsula.

The second room documents the history of the Fish Hoek Farm, the founding of the village and its growth  with many display of old photographs of the area, local history and local culture. It also has stone age implements and documents from the San People to the present day. 

The third room  houses a display on whales and dolphins including the history of whaling in Fish Hoek Bay. 

Local history talks for groups can be arranged by appointment. 

Street address: 59 Central Circle
Phone: 021 782-1752
Opening hours:  Sunday & Monday closed
Tuesday to Saturday ~ 9.30 am to 12.30 pm ~ other times by appointment.

Admission:  R5 donation

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The Fish Hoek Valley Museum's Educational Wing and its team of professional partners offer the below-mentioned CAPS compliant talks and walks to school and adult groups.  To book or enquire, please contact the museum curator well in advance


  • Peers Cave- Middle and Stone Age Man; Fish Hoek Man: dress; food sources; implements and weapons. Kindly note that walks to Peers Cave are cancelled for the time being.


  • The geology of the Fish Hoek Valley (a talk that includes a field visit to selected sites)
  • Elsies Peak (a talk that may include a walk up the mountain to the old quarry)

Admission Fees:

  • Groups led by tourist guides: R10 pp; complimentary entrance for the guide
  • School groups accompanied by educators and parents: a single donation paid in advance
  • Adults: R10 pp
  • Unaccompanied learners: R5 pp
  • The venue and start point is Fish Hoek Valley Museum on Central Circle, Fish Hoek

Historical Fish Hoek. Talks include:

  • Fish Hoek in the late 1600s/early 1700s.
  • A Walk of Historical Fish Hoek Valley.
  • Places of Worship Trail (a visit to selected places of worship).
  • Fish Hoek's global legends viz Bobby Locke and Mrs HS Ball (includes a visit to selected sites).
  • A Visit to the Trek Fishermen.
  • View Whaling Era Artefacts on Jager Walk.
  • Architecture - Fish Hoek's Oldest Buildings.


Please Note:

  • that as the museum is very small, groups of 8 pax at a time can be handled comfortably
  • sessions are compact ie generally 2 to 3 hours in duration
  • although the train is an option for some, groups are advised to use their own motor transport when a field trip/walk is included/requested