Michael Myekwa

Michael Myekwa has been captivating beach-goers across the South Peninsula for the past year. He has a unique ability to tap into the heart of what is going on in the community and create tributes using the medium of sand. However, Michael's talents don't stop there. He is also gifted at at sculpting using clay and cement. With this website, https://sites.google.com/view/michael-myekwa/home, we aim to connect Michael with those who would like to purchase a sculpture from him as he does not yet have the capital to set up a studio.

If you are interested in ordering an original piece from Michael Myekwa, please click 'Order'. You can also book Michael to create sand sculptures for parties or events/parties. Just click on bookings and you will be given specific instructions

Enjoy looking around this website and seeing Michael's beautiful creations! 

See more of Michael's work at: https://sites.google.com/view/michael-myekwa/gallery 

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