The Constitution

The Constitution of the Fish Hoek 100 and Beyond was formally recognized and signed by a steering committee in 2018. The committee are all voluntary members who have taken the move to celebrate the 100th milestone of the Fish Hoek area and surrounds. In addition, it aims to engage further community development, increase business and tourism prospects and promote general upliftment of the area.

The Association is a non-profit organisation established for one or more of the following public benefit objectives:
2.1 to promote all manner of business, community projects, building, infrastructure of Fish Hoek and the surrounds;
2.2 to create awareness for a sustainable social, environmental and business future for the region, ensuring inclusivity and building social cohesion;
2.3 to raise funds for certain designated projects and serve the needs of the local community;
2.4 to provide an overarching structure with a definitive brand which is incorporated into various signature events and activities;
2.5 to maximise the marketability of the Fish Hoek area and promote tourism;
2.6 to uphold and fulfil the objects of the public or common good.

Should you wish to view the constitution, you may get in touch with STBB in Fish Hoek, or contact one of the Steering Group Committee Members:

Signature Name
1 Beverley Ann Frieslich 
2 Adrienne Taylor 
3 Lance Thompson 
4 Leigh-Anne Mobsby 
5 Ian Egan-Fowler 
6 Richard Valentine