A place to express, to write, to encourage, build up. Each month a theme will be posted, and the best entries will be posted on this page.

The month of July 2018 "WorArt" (Art - Ray Potter) Write whatever is in your heart. Use your words to create an Art piece.

Our Seashore

Millions of footprints

line the shoreline

to salute the moments past; 

the shells present themselves too,

although oft-times in solitude,

as the Bay has been 

stripped systematically

of its beauty.

This treasure, our seashore,

to be nurtured again, 

care taken - by each one, 

Unity of purpose as we place

our hands to the task

of Participation.


The plastic purged,

the loitering litter picked up,

put back in its rightful place;

The power given back to the seas,

the tiny treasures in rock pools,

the Life of the oceans 

sweeping back into our Bay.



We look forward to receiving your encouraging, life giving words for review/posted on the website.